Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 3's top 5

It's really late so these are going to be short and sweet

1. Tonight I purchased a small nativity set, it has a light that's supposed to hang from the roof of the stable and change colour slowly as it gently illuminates the stable. Justine's calling it disco nativity as the light seems to have a minor malfunction or I've connected it wrong, anyway it's flashing and changing colours very speedily. I'm going to disconnect it soon. When Jade comes to stay we are going to make a nativity set. I'm looking forward to that.

2. I bought a pattern to sew a couple of dresses for Jade so I can surprise her when she comes to NZ for her annual holiday. So glad to have a sewing machine.

3. I was well enough to go back to work today and Justine was good enough to give me a lift there so I didn't have to walk (it did mean I got to work at 7.30am and didn't actually start until 9.15am but hey what's one hour 45mins among friends.

4. Got to listen twice to the last chapter of the BOM on my mp3 player since I was so early for work.

5. We are well underway with making Christmas decorations for our pod at work, they are looking good. Best pod will be judged next Monday, if it goes on how long it took to make the decorations we will win. If it goes on how large your decorations are, the pod next to us will win.

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