Friday, April 24, 2009

Visiting Teaching

While I was blog stalking I happened upon a visiting teaching blog with the most wonderful ideas for handouts. This delightful little treasure chest is my adaptation of an idea from the visiting teaching blog.
I glued 'jewels' to the lid of the teasure chest then filled it with treasure: scripture mastery cards, pencils, a note on how to study the scriptures taken from "Preach my Gospel" and finally a couple of quick scripture games for FHE, oh and an inspirational quote from Pres Kimball taken from the April VT message. I just loved these so much that I made extras for myself and my granddaughter.
Thankyou Visiting Teaching Blog, I was really excited to get out to deliver these with the message this month.

It's Been a While

Chas, Disa and Major

Gosh, this month has flown by, I've had a birthday, bought the TWILIGHT DVD, see earlier post here; watched the Twilight DVD including the deleted scenes and a few other random clips that were in the extra disc. I've somehow managed to pass a competency test at my new job and I'm not the 'newbie' any more infact I was even helping the new newbie with some tips the other day.

But the best thing of all is that I've been able to watch my adorable moko learn to smile and goo, almost manage to control his little hand and laugh with delight when he occasionally manages to get that hand up to his mouth and lick it like it's the tastiest icecream in the world. I've tried not to be concerned when I watch the water come flying out of his bath all over the carpet as he learns to kick his chubby wee legs and practises going hard til he's all worn out. I wasn't too squeemy when I changed his nappy and the poo was all the way up to his chest, all over his tummy and his kicking legs spread it all over the change table too. And I've adored looking at the photos from his latest playdate with Chas and Disa.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Daylight Saving Ends

Our littlest darling is 7 weeks old today. Check out how the end of daylight saving has confused his sleeping timetable. Much to our amusement tonight his mummy bathed, dressed and fed him without him waking up. I mean it is only an hour, but it sure has upset his body clock.
And it seems like all of a sudden he has lost his brand new baby look. His wee legs are getting little rolls on them and his nighties only reach to his knees, when he was new they came below his feet and now they're half mast. He's also smiling and talking.
When I look at him I marvel at the wonder of God's amazing plan for new life, at the blueprint so lovingly created to enable this tiny new bundle to grow in stature and wisdom; at the ability this baby has to enslave us with love for him, to make us respond to his every whimper.
I marvel that this tiny bundle can teach his adult mother how to put another's needs ahead of her own, how in 7 short weeks he's taught her things I've been trying to teach her most of her life. And, she's realised that life is okay without makeup and straightened hair. Life's better than okay actually. With a little darling like this in the home, life is a wee slice of heaven.

Daylight saving's end has just wrecked the wee poppet's schedule