Sunday, April 5, 2009

Daylight Saving Ends

Our littlest darling is 7 weeks old today. Check out how the end of daylight saving has confused his sleeping timetable. Much to our amusement tonight his mummy bathed, dressed and fed him without him waking up. I mean it is only an hour, but it sure has upset his body clock.
And it seems like all of a sudden he has lost his brand new baby look. His wee legs are getting little rolls on them and his nighties only reach to his knees, when he was new they came below his feet and now they're half mast. He's also smiling and talking.
When I look at him I marvel at the wonder of God's amazing plan for new life, at the blueprint so lovingly created to enable this tiny new bundle to grow in stature and wisdom; at the ability this baby has to enslave us with love for him, to make us respond to his every whimper.
I marvel that this tiny bundle can teach his adult mother how to put another's needs ahead of her own, how in 7 short weeks he's taught her things I've been trying to teach her most of her life. And, she's realised that life is okay without makeup and straightened hair. Life's better than okay actually. With a little darling like this in the home, life is a wee slice of heaven.

Daylight saving's end has just wrecked the wee poppet's schedule


Anjeny said...

Aw Gran, he's soo adorable. And I'm glad for your wee bit of heaven. You are right about God's marvelous work, I've always loved babies and was always amazed at how perfectly wonderful these little people are, the things that they can teach us even without saying anything.

Ooooh, I just want to squeeze this cute little darling.

Hel said...

I am still learning how to put another's needs ahead of my own. But, my what a steep learning curve that one is. When a newborn enters your life.

Sometimes I forget that it is for my own good that I am being taught these lessons.

Gran Denny said...

Hi Anjeny and Helen, it is magical isn't it how babies can be sooo cute and make us love them sooo much, despite their total demands. I understand my mothers words now, she told me when I had my first baby "If you think its wonderful to be a mum, well it's out of this world to be a grandmother".
I didn't always think it was wonderful to be a mum, but I can assure you, pure joy comes from your grandchildren - at least it does while they are too little to be telling you how old and not with you are hehehe