Thursday, January 20, 2011


Who sped time up?

I waited all year for the holidays and already they are over.

The good news is I got to spend a precious few days with both my mokos and it was so much fun. The joy your grandchildren bring into your life is hard to describe, your own kids are great but your mokos are out of this world. My mum told me that and now I know what she meant.

Major's helping Jade unpack her Christmas box from Gran (he was an expert at opening presents by the time all the gift giving was done - and he wasn't really fussy about whose present he was opening either)
Wish I could master the art of taking a good photo, this isn't the most flattering shot, but it's my best darlings without any airbrushing

Jade is so tall and beautiful now, we loved playing Cluedo with her. Despite our best efforts she still managed to whip us at it. Now previously Justine thought she was the Cluedo Champ, so there were a few heated discussions over whether a wrong accusation by all three players meant the last player to get it wrong could actually be considered the winner (that was Jade of course who still counts that game as a victory)

You have to have plenty of coins for the rides when you take Major near the mall
You know my great grandmother was full Maori and wore a moko (tattoo chiselled onto the lips and chin). You'd never know these two had any such connection looking at their pale skin. One thing's for sure though, they look like cousins and they're both mad about each other. Hope that lasts through all their years.