Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's Been A While

Yes, I'm still alive and kicking, though not kicking quite as vigorously as I've been known to in earlier times.

Been having a bit of a struggle for a while, battling to stay cheerful while undergoing a myriad of tests. I've seen this specialist and that specialist and nothing I have is entirely serious on it's own, but combined they're enough to slow me down quite a bit. Most worrying and the biggest nuisance not necessarily in any particular order: arthritis, ovarian cyst, hypertension, impaired lung function, chronic anaemia and the good old IBS.

Some exciting news though, I'm back at tech, completing a Diploma I started a few years back. I'm doing business computing this semester. Gosh it's strange to be studying again. It took me a while to settle into. I must say the old brain isn't quite as sharp at retaining facts as it was when I started studying, but I'm enjoying what I'm learning.

Just got the first test results back this week, wow, I can't believe it - got an A for an advanced word processing practical. and dare I complain, I was so flustered in the test as time was running out so quickly, I submitted one incorrect file and that cost me 8 marks and a + on the A. But I'll take an A and give myself a severe scolding for a totally preventable mistake. Anyway, a pass is a pass is a pass. Go me.

The first day of Spring is just around the corner, next Wednesday actually. Hope I catch Spring Fever soon. I've normally got it bad by this time, dreaming and planning what I'm going to plant, rumaging through all the plant shop catalogues, wondering if this is the year we'll do the great landscaping project that will transform out back yard into one of those wonderous gardens they make on shows like Mucking In or Better Homes and Gardens. But every time I think about weeding the raised vege gardens, a large sigh escapes. Guess I'm not quite up to it yet.

Oh yeah, other good news, I've had a step up at work. When I moved from Hams to Tauranga, I moved into a totally different section of my company and they started me off as a 'Fundamental' specialist. Now I'm an 'Applied' specialist. They tell me you normally have to be 'Fundamental' for at least one year and I've been over here for only 5 months, so I guess that's good. Hope it means a pay rise!

Now I will try and post a little more frequently, but for now enjoy the daffodils, and the wonder of all God's creations.