Friday, April 23, 2010


The party was loads of fun, with lots of pretty decorations and lots of presents to open, ably assisted, of course, by my little friends
We practised blowing for a couple of months prior to the big event

But I still got gun shy when the real thing came along (much to Disa's amusement) and Chloe was most concerned in case I burned my hands on the candle, so she held them tightly. Chloe is Nana Pania's moko and Disa is my girlfriend, and there's little Anihera on the left, she's Chloe's sister

But Mummy came to the rescue and she blew the candle out for me

Then it was no holds barred and I was in

Thank you Mummy for such a great 1st birthday cake, it tastes every bit as good as it looks

In fact I think I'll have some more

When you're the birthday boy, surrounded by admirers, every thing you do is fascinating even blowing your nose

The highlight of the day (after play, presents, food & cake) was cruising on my bike with Disa on the back. Disa's mum is laughing cause I can only ride backwards, so I push and push until I hit something behind me and then I scream until someone comes along and turns me around. It's the coolest fun!

Well I had a great birthday and I think Gran Denny enjoyed it too


Now how do kids learn so quickly that when the red light starts flashing on the camera, they're going to be seeing stars very soon. Unless of course, they are clever enough to put on their 'CAMERA EYES' and shield some of the glare..........

Trying out his birthday bike

Choice pressie, Gran
(That's Justine, her friend Karen, and Pappa Dave partially obscured)
Hmn now that looks very much like a MacyD's hash brown on the tray there

Tissues are just as much fun as that white roll paper in the bathroom

I can still manage a squinty smile for Gran, even though she keeps following me around trying to make me blind with that flash

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Helping in Gran's Garden

I had a little helper

His name was Spotty Chops

And every time I turned around, he'd got a little spottier

So we took him straight from the garden to the bath tub!

Lucky I'm sooo cute

Boy, the bathroom is such a fun place

And all this paper for me to play with

Yea, we finally have decent internet access and I can start posting again, yea, yea