Monday, March 28, 2011


I've been in hospital for some surgery. Although its one way of getting a few weeks off work, it certainly wasn't fun. I had lots of injections and other poking and prodding, lots of drugs that made me feel yucky and lots of PAIN. The visitors were the best part of the ordeal. My sister even travelled up from Wairoa to visit (although she looked so tired and stressed I felt I should have been cheering her up and not vice versa). Major learned to say Hostible, but there was no way he was getting anywhere near the bed incase I got to go home and he had to stay. Now I'm at my aunty's recovering. Under Dr Sally's careful eye I'm doing lots of ....zzzzzzz...
and the odd bit of this

And soon I'll be all good as new, back to work and this will all be one of those unpleasant, distant memories that I'll banish as quickly as it appears. After all you can't keep a good woman down!