Monday, September 28, 2009

Things to Pass the time when YOU have a Sore Back

I have been off work for a week now, after slipping a disc in my lower back. The pain is severe and my movement is quite slow and restricted still. Today the best thing I could think of to take my mind off how miserable I'm feeling was to take these snapshots of our little darling.

Major has also been sick for two weeks but you wouldn't guess it from these shots. You would believe it if you could hear him screaming his head off from about 1am until 4am every morning though.

Enjoying my Bunnykins table and chairs from Uncle Andy and Aunty Marie
Don't be fooled: Totally sick of it now!
Isn't he just the most precious wee soul
You would laugh too if you saw the faces mummy and Gran were making!
Hmm it I just reach out a little, I could do some serious touching here
Just you wait Smokey, when I learn to move in a forward direction, you will be in DANGER

But Wait There's More

New Tamati Tereina gym jams aka Thomas the Tank Engine pyjamas, the first garment off the line from the new sewing machine, another craft fair inspired useage of time.

Brag Book (Waterfall design)

Here's one of my latest projects, it's a card, made in a waterfall style, so that when you open the card up and pull the ribbon, the photos inside cascade down like a little waterfall, each drop revealing the photo concealed underneath it.

I just love it.

Note the front of the card is a trifle narrower than anticipated as I fluffed the fancy border stamp and had to cut the edge back twice before I finally got it right.

Of course practise makes perfect, I'll look at the photos with more perspective before I mat them next time around and perhaps choose some that are more flattering to the little darling. I'm talking about showing the ungainly view of his chubby legs and feet here.

See the ribbon on the end, just give it a tug to set the waterfall away.

Click on the photos to see the full size picture.

Trying to demonstrate the cascade effect as each photo flips to reveal the photo underneath it.

I was pretty pleased with myself, despite the flaws in this little project.

The next one will be more 'on to it'

Monday, September 14, 2009

My Next Few Projects

Nothing like a good craft fair to get you spending (wasting) money on all these projects you always wanted to try........................

I'm going to cover this chipboard Family Tree with Scrapbooking paper then personalise it with all our best, smiling pics

A scrapped calendar (2011) not even trying to finish it for 2010, then photos on fabrics - now these look really exciting

Stamped Christmas Cards with glitter embossing powder oh yes and tooth fairy pillows, library bag with photo of owner (Jade), quilted wall hanging with old family photos and countless other projects with photos on fabrics and fancy labels
Its great to feel like you don't ever have to think I've got nothing to do today!

There's a Whole Lot of Crafting Happening Around Here

This past week we have been fortunate enough to attend (and drool over) the hundreds of exhibits, stalls, craft classes, workshops and demonstrations at New Zealand's number one Craft and Quilt Fair which as lady luck would have it, was held here in our very own Hamilton (sometimes known as The Tron or Hams).

The quilts were spectacular, the overall winner was a child's fantasy book, I can't even begin to describe it, don't know why I didn't think to take a photo, was unbelieveably intriguing. I'm beginning to think my life will not be complete until I have constucted a quilt of my own.
  • Mental note to put it on the list of things to do before I'm too old and senile too manage it
Anyway, our house has been an absolute hive of activity ever since. Justine is working on these door hangings for Major and his little play pals. Constructing them wasn't without some hilarity, as I read and she followed, a set of totally inadequate instructions and we wound up with the first hanging stuck fast to a sheet of baking paper in reverse order with all the underneath bits being topside instead of underneath. The next day we went to the Bernina shop in town to ask the kindly ladies there to help us assemble in the proper manner, and here they are - the right way up
Bit of machine and hand stiching here
All assembled ready to start sewing
Now, speaking of Major and his play date pals, these pics were taken about 3 weeks ago
Major Disa and Chas

Who farted? Chas, definitely Chas see....

Friday, September 4, 2009

Good intentions pave the way WHERE???

Oh dear, its hard to be too healthy when there's such a great baker in residence........

Peanut butter choc chip biscuits aka cookies in the making
Yes and there were not one but TWO trays of them

And the proof of how good they are is in the eating, YUM

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spring Is Here

Mixed sprouts and wheat grass signal the intention to be more healthy

Its the first of September today and that means Spring is officially here.

I can tell its Spring time, I've had that 'itching to plant something' feeling. I've emptied out some garden pots and scrubbed them up and sat dreaming about the dozens of plants I'd like to grow in these few pots.

Ah, decisions decisions. Basil is a definite starter as are strawberries and zuchinnis and cucumbers. I'd love some splashes of colour from a few annuals also but alas, we don't have any area on our section (aka in our yard) for a veggie garden, so it's veggies first and the odd hanging basket of coloured flowers if there's space to cram them in after the veggies. And all this is in flower pots spread lovingly all over our deck, where we might otherwise sunbathe.

I have managed to clear a few areas up the bank behind the house for squash and kamo kamo (my most favourite vegetable of all time!) yea.

And Spring brings the beginning of the Healthy Season too. You know the one when you look at yourself and think 'Oh me, oh my, I've got to get into better shape for Summer'.

So... we are growing sprouts and wheat grass that I learned from HFPE from a very kind Sister who was gracious enough to share her talents with us. They are so delicious, so much nicer than any I ever bought, and so easy to make.
Winter is a great season, roaring fires indoors and wild, wet, windy weather outdoors, but there's nothing quite like Spring to chase away the Winter woes.
Yes I'm glad it's Spring. And that's without even beginning to waffle on about the magnificent magnolia blooms, the blossoming fruit trees, the daffodils and freesias and so on and so on.