Monday, September 28, 2009

Brag Book (Waterfall design)

Here's one of my latest projects, it's a card, made in a waterfall style, so that when you open the card up and pull the ribbon, the photos inside cascade down like a little waterfall, each drop revealing the photo concealed underneath it.

I just love it.

Note the front of the card is a trifle narrower than anticipated as I fluffed the fancy border stamp and had to cut the edge back twice before I finally got it right.

Of course practise makes perfect, I'll look at the photos with more perspective before I mat them next time around and perhaps choose some that are more flattering to the little darling. I'm talking about showing the ungainly view of his chubby legs and feet here.

See the ribbon on the end, just give it a tug to set the waterfall away.

Click on the photos to see the full size picture.

Trying to demonstrate the cascade effect as each photo flips to reveal the photo underneath it.

I was pretty pleased with myself, despite the flaws in this little project.

The next one will be more 'on to it'

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