Monday, September 14, 2009

My Next Few Projects

Nothing like a good craft fair to get you spending (wasting) money on all these projects you always wanted to try........................

I'm going to cover this chipboard Family Tree with Scrapbooking paper then personalise it with all our best, smiling pics

A scrapped calendar (2011) not even trying to finish it for 2010, then photos on fabrics - now these look really exciting

Stamped Christmas Cards with glitter embossing powder oh yes and tooth fairy pillows, library bag with photo of owner (Jade), quilted wall hanging with old family photos and countless other projects with photos on fabrics and fancy labels
Its great to feel like you don't ever have to think I've got nothing to do today!

1 comment:

Janferay said...

Oh, that would be my dream come true to think "I've got nothing to do today!"