Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spring Is Here

Mixed sprouts and wheat grass signal the intention to be more healthy

Its the first of September today and that means Spring is officially here.

I can tell its Spring time, I've had that 'itching to plant something' feeling. I've emptied out some garden pots and scrubbed them up and sat dreaming about the dozens of plants I'd like to grow in these few pots.

Ah, decisions decisions. Basil is a definite starter as are strawberries and zuchinnis and cucumbers. I'd love some splashes of colour from a few annuals also but alas, we don't have any area on our section (aka in our yard) for a veggie garden, so it's veggies first and the odd hanging basket of coloured flowers if there's space to cram them in after the veggies. And all this is in flower pots spread lovingly all over our deck, where we might otherwise sunbathe.

I have managed to clear a few areas up the bank behind the house for squash and kamo kamo (my most favourite vegetable of all time!) yea.

And Spring brings the beginning of the Healthy Season too. You know the one when you look at yourself and think 'Oh me, oh my, I've got to get into better shape for Summer'.

So... we are growing sprouts and wheat grass that I learned from HFPE from a very kind Sister who was gracious enough to share her talents with us. They are so delicious, so much nicer than any I ever bought, and so easy to make.
Winter is a great season, roaring fires indoors and wild, wet, windy weather outdoors, but there's nothing quite like Spring to chase away the Winter woes.
Yes I'm glad it's Spring. And that's without even beginning to waffle on about the magnificent magnolia blooms, the blossoming fruit trees, the daffodils and freesias and so on and so on.

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