Monday, August 24, 2009

Night at the Opera (house)

We had a skype last night with No.1 granddaughter (and her mum and dad) and were treated to a full rendition of one of the songs that she is singing with her school choir at the Sydney Opera House in the not too distant future. What great excitement, I do believe she is the first member of our family to have such an auspicious opportunity afforded her.
Now I'm not going to dwell on the pangs of disappointment I've felt at not being able to be there at the Opera House to see the real deal, I'm as blind as a bat and probably wouldn't be able to actually see her anyway. And I'll be there in spirit, absolutely willing the very best performance she can muster. A Gran just knows she'll be all right on the night.
I'll be looking forward to the next holidays in NZ when we can set the lounge up as a make-believe Opera House and listen to the whole 12 songs!

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Anjeny said...

What a beautiful granddaughter you have. And I'm sure she will do great on her've got yourself a very talented girl, gran!