Sunday, August 23, 2009

Did anybody Notice I was gone?

Haven't felt like blogging in absolute ages, but now I do, infact I've been trying to upload a video of Major (now aged 6 months) for the last week.

Everytime I get the upload happening, it just goes and goes and goes but never gets finished. Does anybody have any hints on what I might be doing wrong or perhaps could anybody give me a dummies step by step guide on how to upload a video clip from my pics.

Anyway instead of a really cute video here are some almost as cute photos, taken at his 0.5years celebration day.


Hel said...

Hi There!

Good to see you are still ok. And what a cute little chunky Major you have there!

It usually takes me F.O.R.E.V.E.R to upload a video to my blog. I tend to keep the running time of my video to under a minute and most times 30 seconds if I can. That way it wont take as long.

It may seem like it is doing nothing, but it really is taking that long to upload the movie. some people upload it to youtube first and then imbed the movie into their post, but I am too lazy and just wait for the darn thing to upload.

Good luck!

P.S. If you have software on your computer that makes the movie file smaller, then that will help too.

Gran Denny said...

Thanks Helen for those tips, I'll check for the minimising software. It's had me puzzled as it looks as if it is completed then that old circle just keeps on spinning, spinning...
Major is so gorgeous isn't he, he's really bonny and thriving.
Justine is a great mum

Anjeny said...

Great seeing ya Gran and I enjoy reading your comments on my blog. That little grandson of yours is soooo adorable. And sooo cuddly...awww.

Anjeny said...

Hi Gran...I was surfing the net when I came across this step by step instruction on downloading video clip.

I hope this helps in any way...sorry so late on the respond to your call for help. Good luck.

Gran Denny said...

Thanks Anjeny, I'll have another go