Monday, November 30, 2009

Today's top 5

1. I didn't go to work today as I felt quite awful when I woke up this morning, now feeling awful isn't exactly something to be greatful for, but having a day off work, yep I really enjoyed that - well as much as you can enjoy a day of feeling off colour.

2. Dinner is already on the go, so Justine will have 2 less jobs to do when she gets home from work. (That's making dinner for us and making dinner for Major)

3. The first sounds I woke up to this morning were Major's squeals of delight. I love having a baby in the house. Before breakfast he had us laughing as we watched him doing his best to get on all fours as he learns to crawl. I can see that the Christmas decorations on the TV cabinet are not going to be safe for much longer, actually I'm wondering where I can move them too. I reckon he'll be crawling within 2 weeks.

4. Because I was at home today I got to watch a scrapbooking DIY show, now I have a good idea for making a paperdoll embellishment.

5. The biggest, reddest, yummiest looking strawberry, picked from our container garden is sitting on the bench for Major's dessert tonight. There is also zucchini and silverbeet all fresh from our garden boiling away in his veggies. I love harvesting from our garden.

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