Sunday, November 22, 2009

Well New Moon's Been and Gone

Well we've been and we've seen and my thoughts are a bit up in the air, no verdict yet which is really strange for me - I rate myself as a decision maker.

We had a great party though. A few of my friends from work and Church and a few of my daughter's friends came over for a bit of a munch before we went to see New Moon. We had chicken and salad rolls and mini spring rolls, then we gorged ourselves on a few fine desserts and watched Twilight for the umpteenth time and YES I still enjoyed it even after this many views.

My favourite part is when Edward crouches to defend Bella at the baseball game when the other vampires turn up, oh and I also like the part where he roars up and orders Bella into the car in Port Angeles when the thugs are eyeing her up. He's confident and protective and it makes me wish I'd known love like that.

For New Moon, well my favourite part was when Jacob took off his shirt the first time and there was that six pack or was it eight? and the rippling biceps. An involuntary woohooo escaped my lips with much more volume than I intended and the whole theatre giggled and tittered.

I noticed no-one screamed, clapped, stamped and cheered at New Moon the way they did at Twilight.

The wolf bits were fascinating, as were the Volturi, but somehow it wasn't quite as mezmerising as Twilight for me. I knew when we left Twilight that I couldn't wait to watch it again, but I found myself thinking this time, 'Well to see the wolf bits again I'd have to watch the slow, agonizing bits of Bella's heartache and they would drag, too long, too sad for me'.

And I was disappointed with myself for thinking that Edward looked a tad pathetic when compared to the muscular wolf boy: white skinny : brown muscles. It wasn't a comparison I'd wanted to make, I felt like it was forced upon me; that definitely never entered my head for Twilight. Noticed also that the post movie discussion was very different to the after Twilight enthrallment.

With Twilight I enjoyed the movie every bit as much as the book, with New Moon perhaps my expectations were a little too high because Twilight was so well done, probably not helped by the time lapse between releases, gives one too much time to gather expectations.

Now I'm not saying I didn't like the movie, I'm saying I'll reserve judgement.

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