Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A good day

1. What a pleasure to witness such a milestone: MAJOR CRAWLED TONIGHT! And real proper crawling too, he was up on all fours as if he has been doing it for ever. It was mischief of course, that provided the motivation needed to get going. He crawled to touch the plastic sheet that goes on the floor under his bath. We of course, immediately moved it further out of reach to make sure he really could crawl, that it wasn't a one off wonder and lo, he did it again. We were so chuffed we kept moving it so he would crawl some more, until he cried from both exhaustion and frustration. But it was very cute. His mother immediately recorded the great event in his Baby Book.

2. My son phoned from Sydney and we had a jolly good chat. I miss my kids, they are so far away.

3. At work I finally nailed my monthly quality coaching session by scoring 100% for tax technical knowledge. I've been busting my gut to achieve this for months and finally got there. Yea, I might not be ready for the scrap heap quite yet.

4. Got out in the garden tonight and sprayed up lots of weeds, it bothers me when our yard looks unkempt so I am grateful to get this done.

5. One of the sisters from our ward phoned tonight to ask about a recipe I gave at our All Things Christmas workshop. It is a good buzz to know that someone was listening and is actually going to make gifts from the kitchen, from the workshop and that in some small way I might have helped, taught or inspired someone.

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Janferay said...

Congrats on the 100%.
We missed you two on Sunday, hope all is good.