Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day four, the 2nd Dec

1. Last night my stepson, well perhaps not officially stepson, although I am still legally married to his dad, well anyway Tane arrived home from his mission. He's been serving in Sydney South and he's worked really hard. I spoke to him on the phone and he sounds so grown up and so much more refined in his language. His dad says he grown heaps. Well we are proud of him, completing an honourable mission is one of life's BIG milestones.

2. On a completely different note, I love a gripping TV show. Right now I've got one eye on this and one eye on a show called V. Not sure if it's a mini series or a new regular show, but it's got my attention.

3. I'm really greatful to have a job. Everyday I take calls from people who have been made redundant (retrenched), I often see lists with large numbers of staff affected by redundancies. I think the business climate in NZ is still depressed regardless of how much/little growth the government say we are experiencing.

4. Living close to the temple is such a blessing. We have a Stake night every Wednesday and I get to attend regularly, but not tonight because tomorrow I am going with my cousin and her son as he goes through the temple for the first time.

5. My cousin's son has received his Mission call, he is going to the Phillipines next year. It's such a thrill to have family members serve the Lord.

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