Sunday, December 6, 2009

Top 5 from the last 4 days

I've been a bit busy the last few days and didn't get a chance to post so I thought I would just round up my best five things from the last four days

1. Went to the final concert at Church College of NZ. The college was built by Labour Missionaries before I was born, it sits nestled close to the temple and amid much discussion and speculation, it has been closed down marking the end of an era. The farewell concert was a wonderful tribute to all that has been achieved over the last 50+ years. I spent a bit of time taking my glasses off and wiping my tears during the concert, it was moving and special.

2. Yesterday I went to a Christmas workshop called Time Out for Women, mixing with lovely sisters, learning lots of great new christmas ideas, trying lots of yum christmas treats and coming home full of inspiration of more things I'm gonna do when I get around tuit

3. Modern Communication technology, I've just been speaking with Luke sorting holiday plans for eldest moko and only granddaughter, sounded like he was just down the road!

4. At Church today I learnt 3 things: well at Sacrament I felt the Spirit - really strongly, it was a special meeting, a special way to wind up testimony sharing for 2009.

At Sunday School I took up a challenge from our teacher to work on something this week that will strengthen the spirituality of our family - I am going to practise using a SMALL VOICE as I often use a big voice which I know isn't great.

In Relief Society I learnt that we should consider the gifts we are giving and realised that some of what I had in mind for my granddaughter, although chosen with a gran's love, are not appropriate because I have placed an unrealistic expectation on myself to have them finished on time. It is inappropriate to choose gifts that cost so much they place a strain on the christmas budget, it is senseless to pick a christmas dinner menu which will have you in the kitchen all day instead of enjoying the day with your family. I'm good at doing all of that, so I am going to try and be more sensible about the choices I make and hopefully be less stressed as a result.

and finally

5. Major's new thing, he had us in fits of laughter tonight while having his bath. He's developed a fascination with lifting his leg up til it touches his forehead and he dedicated his whole bathtime to showing us how good he is at it.

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