Sunday, March 8, 2009

3 Weeks Old Today

Today Major is 3 weeks old, gosh it seems like he has been with us for more like 3 months or even 3 years. That's probably got something to do with the fact that he never seems to sleep, and he's ALWAYS hungry. But when you see how adorable he is those minor irritations just melt into thin air. His mummy, his daddy and Gran are just SO in love with him. Oh yes better not forget his only first COUSIN, she's pretty spellbound too.

Here are the 3 week old photos especially for my sister, who tells me today she loves to show off my blog to her family. Feel free to leave a comment Di, just click below where it says comments.

I love my bath age 2 weeks

Don't tell anyone, Gran slipped me a dummy cos I don't like the car

Hey check out my flash socks

Notice how wide awake I am....

I've already out grown some of my flash new clothes

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Hel said...

What a cutie pie. Thanks so much for posting some pictures!