Saturday, February 28, 2009

Phew, Made it through the 1st week of new job

Hip hip hooray, I'm now a working woman of independent means! I've made it through my first week of work in the new job without any major catastrophies, didn't embarass myself more than I could cope with and even managed to make a few new friends.

I'm in with a group of eight others in training for six weeks, it feels like we are back at school. Our group comes complete with class clown, class chatterbox, 2 new kids on the block - it's their first 'proper' job, a distant relative whom I never met before, only guy amongst us whose most amazing life moment was 'coming out', one with a VIP connection - she's engaged to a professional sportsman, and one other ordinary mum just like me -except of course I'm a Gran, and that I was told by my visiting teachers this morning is a unique and special role.

The most amazing thing is we all get along like a house on fire. All extremely nervous on our first day - we didn't need to be - it wasn't so bad. We're even planning to go dressed as VICTIMS for the V day next Tuesday when the whole site (around 500) indulge in a little inter-team rivalry. We reckon there'll be loads of Vampires, vegetables and vicars and hopefully no other Victims.

And by the way, I couldn't have managed any of this without the support of my daughter and the adorable Major, who, although he has only been in our family less than two weeks, has forged a deep gouge into my heart to make a special place reserved just for him. I'm so so glad to know that Families Can Be Together Forever.

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kiwibabee said...

Congratulations for making it through the 1st week. I am sure you counting down the rest of the training.