Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Couple of False Alarms but no baby yet

Still no baby, don't those last few weeks just seem like for ever? I'm feeling sympathetic when I watch my daughter waddle along in the heat. I can see how uncomfortable she's looking, I often hear her up and about in the middle of the night when she just can't seem to sleep.

The situation isn't made easier by her knowing that her 3 friends have all delivered their precious bundles of joy over the last fortnight. She's quite certain that she's the only one still pregnant from her ante-natal class too. The phone seems to be ringing all day long - another well wisher enquiring to see if there's any news yet.......

On the plus side, dear house guest just can't go past without kissing or rubbing aunty's tummy and talking to her soon-to-be cousin. She's almost gotten over asking if aunty's waters have broken yet, however she's had time to ponder and subsequently ask not only how the baby gets out but how it got there in the first place!

We gave the simplest explanation we could about how the mum's egg gets fertilised and then the baby starts to grow. She was very relieved to know that the egg doesn't get laid like a chicken but I'm waiting with trepidation for when she realises she needs to know how dad fertilises mum's egg. Shame daddy's so far away, I would have enjoyed listening to his explanation of all this

Aunty and our darling house guest

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Hel said...

I didn't realise your little house guest was with you. I missed saying good bye to her today (last day in Enmore). Please let her know that I will miss her dearly... and I am excited to see photos of her and her cousin together! love, Helen.