Friday, February 20, 2009

What A Week!

Well I'm beat, after rushing around all week I'm absolutely shattered, lethargic, struggling to be motivated and my foot hurts. I've been struggling all week long, anyone would think it was ME who had the baby.

At first I thought it was just a lack of sleep, so I tried to sleep late; couldn't too many pressing duties. Then I realised I hadn't really eaten much over the last couple of days so I fuelled up; didn't help I just carried on exhausted with a full puku (tummy). Tried really hard not to stress too much about the monthly Provident Living activity I lead - which of course fell into this awful week. Then one of the midwives at the birthing centre mentioned how emotionally draining it is when you are closely involved with labour, birthing and new babies - funny I always thought it was THE NEW MOTHER who carried all the pressure, extra hormones, emotions and battle scars. I stand corrected, I now believe this all falls onto the GRANDMOTHER'S To Do List.

And just to add to my week, I'm very aware of how I'm starting work next week after 11 months of never-ending leisure time.

Now I've become quite expert at falling asleep every time I sit down for more than 10 minutes, so this week I had planned to begin my new routine of early to bed, early to rise to make me healthy, wealthy and wise AND TO HELP ME STAY AWAKE AT WORK. That of course, has been blown out the window with our new arrival. I hope my training is interesting and varied otherwise I fear I may embarass myself. Just incase, I'm taking a crash course in somnambulism in the hope that those on high may be fooled by movement into not realising I'm asleep - don't like my chances.

Justine came home with little Major yesterday afternoon and we have had a fairly constant stream of visitors, phone calls, texts, emails etc ever since. My daughter knows 75% of the Hamilton population and they all feel the need to be involved in this chapter of her life.

Despite all this, little Major is doing very well, he's an absolute darling and we all adore him - as you do!

I hope next week will feel a little easier on this old Gran's body and soul.

How could you not love this?Gran's Precious Darling

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Anjeny said...

Gran, your lil darling is adorable. I admit, when the babies are at this age, they are my favorite, I just can't get enough of newborn, love their smell everything about them.