Monday, March 9, 2009

The Holiday's Over

Shelley, Luke and Jade

The house has a tinge of sadness to it, it's safe to put your feet down - anywhere and the day no longer starts with twenty questions.

Our darling house guest, formerly known as The Only Grandchild, now known as The Eldest Grandchild has gone home, all the way back to Sydney. Her mum and daddy came to pick her up and all too soon the holiday was over.

There were so many things I still wanted to do with her, but I dare say they'll keep. All we're left with are memories, the wonder of how much she's grown and giggles from our fun stuff.

Like the night we were out walking and played dare truth or promise - her suggestion. I picked truth, and much to our amusement, she hadn't quite sorted out the way the game should go. She supposed in her inexperience, that she had to tell me something truthful about myself. In a very solemn voice she whispered "Gran, in the mornings, well your breath really stinks" Justine and I doubled over with laughter, then we explained that I had to tell the truth to any question she should care to ask. More contemplation.... then with bright eyes that gave away the mischief thought behind them, she asked "Gran, have you ever looked at your poo in the toilet?" More hearty laughter from Aunty and I..... the things 8 year old girls wonder about!

Before she left I asked her what the highlight of her holiday in New Zealand had been, (she'd been to a few other places before she arrived). "Baby Major" she announced then added almost all the other activities of the entire holiday, so I take it she had a pretty good time in NZ.

Oh and one final thing, she loves New Zealand better than Australia, although she does like Aus, but she's definately coming back to NZ to have her babies when she gets a husband. Yip, I can rest easy, my darling granddaughter's plans for her future include making me a Great Gran with babies in the same country as me. Life is good.

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