Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ready Or Not Here I Come

Remember how I was ecstatic a couple of months back cause I got a new job.....

Well I've been in "training" for the past 5 weeks and now the powers that be have decided it's time to let us loose on the real people and this afternoon I had the exciting job of moving all my junk, oops I mean important work resources, out to my very new (make that almost new) desk. The previous occupant did leave a few reminders of his/her existence behind, including lots of old, yukky blue tack and a half filled salt shaker. But I'm not complaining . In no time at all I had my work station looking like it had been mine forever, oh well for quite a while anyway.

So tomorrow is "D" day, it won't be role plays or practice runs there will be real people relying on me to know stuff and advise them and I just want to say I've never felt so nervous before about doing a new job - EVER.

I'm heading off now to make something delicious for my new boss - to try to appease him in advance - for trying his patience, testing his resillience and pushing his ability to remain calm under pressure.

I'm looking forward to this time tomorrow night when those first day jitters will be all behind me, and I hope I'm still employed.

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