Friday, January 2, 2009

Numero Uno

Hello. Welcome to my very first posting on my very first blog.

As 2008 has just drawn to a close, it seems appropriate to look back on a few of the major events that coloured my life this past 12 months.

I celebrated the arrival of 2008 with a bird's eye view of Sydney Harbour Bridge and all it's spectacular pyrotechnics and flotilla display from a friends apartment in Kings Cross. Now that sure did make a change from sitting around an open fire with smoke billowing into your eyes, instead of up the chimney, at our camp site at Mahia.

I was released as Gospel Doctrine teacher at the Enmore Ward, Hyde Park Stake.

At the end of March I quit my job with Genworth Financial in Sydney and flew home to NZ to give my 18 month old marriage a second try. Didn't make it to the 2 year anniversary.... At least now I'm not wracked with guilt over not trying hard enough.

Upon arrival in NZ I was called as the Teach My Gospel teacher in Welcome Bay Ward Sunday School, Tauranga Stake.

In September I moved to Hamilton where my daughter Justine and I have rented a little place while she awaits the birth of her first child - a son - according to the marvels of science and technology.

The temple is 10 minutes drive from our house and I attend weekly and whenever I can - even more frequently.

I was called as 2nd Counsellor in Pukete Ward Relief Society, Hamilton Stake. It's been a struggle adjusting from education to homemaking but I'm trying hard.

For 9 months I have fruitlessly searched for employment in two cities. The struggle to stay positive has been difficult, but I guess there's something I need to learn from it all.

We celebrated Christmas '08 with a very quiet family dinner - Justine, me and Mike. A little gathering doesn't have to be a dull gathering, we enjoyed all the trimmings and loads of laughter and good food.

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nug said...

Hi Denny and Justine
I have so enjoyed reading about your activities over the last year. All those entries from Brisbane were me reading right back to the beginning. Little Major is lovely. We were sorry to hear of Aunty Lil's death and regret that we are living so far away at these times. Will be with you in spirit in Wairoa tomorrow.
I am not sure what I do with these comments now. I am such a computer whiz. Don't really want to publish them!!!