Saturday, January 3, 2009

How Come my Pics are at the top of the post?

Man I wish I could figure this out, feeling ever so pleased with myself yesterday for setting up my blog, how could it be that the photos I carefully selected to put at the END of said ramblings appear at the top? And then there's this GIANT photo of myself - where on earth did that come from??? Hope I get better with practice.


Hel said...

Hi Gran Denny!

So good to see you get on the blogging band wagon.

About those photos. It doesn't matter where you try to put them, blogger will always put them up the top for you (just to be nice!). So I always wait until the last to add the photos and then position them once they are all added.

I hope you work things out. It looks like it was a lovely Christmas. I sure appreciate your photo efforts!

Love, Helen.

Misty said...

Good to "hear" from you Dennise. You look great. So crazy that that NYE's party was only a year ago! Glad to hear that things are getting sorted for you. Congrats to Justine! I'll bet you're awesome in Relief Society. Good luck with the job search; going to the temple will definitely be a benefit.

On the blog picture front, I always insert the pictures in reverse over so that they get pushed down. Then I type what I want to write.

Take care,
Misty, Rick & Piper