Monday, January 19, 2009

I've Been Scrapbooking

Callai is my cutie little great-niece. She is shown in these photos with her big brother Baden.

Wish I knew how to rotate this photo of Jade's baptism scrapbook page.

Doesn't time fly, one minute they are new born, next time you blink - she's eight. Luke and Shelley look so young here!

My first ever attempt at scrapbooking, I read a few books and gave it a go, I was so chuffed with it, everybody who came by the house had to view it while I gooed over it with them.

Scrapbooking has proved to be a God send as I've looked for useful ways to wile away the hours between job search efforts. There's something that makes me grin when I look at a newly created page...... perhaps I do have a teeny bit of artistic merit after all.
And what fun I've had scouring the shops for bargain priced stocks for that ever enlarging pile of NECESSARY THINGS! that go with such a past time. I've accumulated card stock and papers, templates and cutting tools, a hammer and some tools I haven't work out the use for yet - but I know they go with scrapbooking - they were in the craft section. I've got embellishments and stickers, labels and metalic pens, glitter pens and scrapbooking pens, ribbons and buttons and all manner of glues and glitter.
I have yet to enjoy the 'cuttlebug' and 'cricut' or work out what die cuts are - I know women who've done them and they're still alive: good. I've enrolled for lessons to get a turn on the aforementioned goodies, so I'll keep you posted......

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