Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Been An Exhausting Day

My darling moko (granddaughter) is on holiday with us from Australia. This means a number of things for our previously adult-oriented household including: adjusting to the constant chatter, endless questions and frequent requests.

Smokey the cat has gone into hiding - it's all too much for him. I have however, survived the first day of the holiday (which I am informed by my guest is going to be a VERY LONG holiday), by assisting in a number of activities to keep said guest entertained and amused.

Amongst other things today we have.............

done scrapbooking to keep a record of the exciting events of the holiday

picked Nashi's off the neighbours tree which hangs so conveniently over our fence

practised our large motor skills and balance whilst trying to reach the higher fruit (and narrowly avoided falling over the fence)

done a good deed by collecting all the fermenting fruit off the ground and returning it over the fence to the neighbours from whence it came

cooled off by testing out the baby's bath with a wee spot of simultaneous swimming and sunbathing - with a request for a larger pool for next holidays please

sworn 'Death to all Flies' and then tried to urge Gran to pay for exterminating services

And these are only the documented activities, we haven't included making the Nashis into jelly-jam, grocery shopping, playing several hands of Old Maid, phoning Aunty Justine at work several times- to check whether her waters have broken yet - Our guest is growing impatient waiting for her first real cousin to arrive! And lastly asking Gran even more times 'how do your waters break any way?'

I wonder what tomorrow holds... Oh now I remember we have to go swimming in a real pool, to the library, to watch Aunty Justine's scan (to check her waters are still intact), make cookies, finish making the jelly-jam, do Christmas scrapbooking, clean Smokey's teeth - if we can find where he's hiding.....

And after lunch we'll enjoy each other's company some more.

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