Thursday, May 7, 2009

We're a teeny bit famous

A while back there I posted "What's In A Name?"

Well the saga is not quite over, last week Justine, Major and I were part of a feature that appeared on Campbell Live NZ TV3, highlighting our plight and disappointment at not being able to register Major as a first name for our wee darling.

The camera crew came with the pretty young reporter and all the lights, cameras, sound equip, it was all very exciting! Justine and I flew around the house in an absolute frenzy tidying and polishing before they arrived. The neighbours came out to stare when they spotted the TV vehicle outside. I rushed to my room to throw on a splash of makeup, hoping I would be able to think of intelligent sounding answers at the right moment.

Major was just too cute for words, smiling at the reporter, the camera-man, the couch, his feet, photos on the wall.... He was perfect actually. The reporter asked if she could hold him while they filmed her intro. Right on cue, he smiled and gurgled happily at the camera, the reporter fell in love with him and the producer was impressed. His mother beamed so smuggly, yes she really has produced the best behaved, cutest baby she knows.

All too soon the adventure was over and I had to rush back to work making sure I emailed and texted all my friends, relatives, casual acquaintances etc to invite them to tune in to watch it that night. They even let me go home early from work so I could catch the show. Right after it aired the phone ran red hot, everyone wanted to tell us they'd seen it and how great Justine came across, how cute Major was etc. The next day the feedback started; everybody has an opinion, some agreeing and sympathising with us, others saying it was a ridiculous name to call a child.

But that was last week and now it's this week and I've watched the interview almost as many times as I've watched Twilight!

I'd just like to say, I know Major is an unusual name but it was my dad's name and I'm proud of my daughter for having enough love for her grandfather to want to name her son after him. To carry the name of a beloved ancestor is an honourable endowment. I believe it will give Major a sense of belonging and will reinforce the tenet that families can be together forever.

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Mama Nut said...

Oooo... I am going to go watch it right now! Oh, we named our little guy after my great-grandpa Nephi. It is very special to be named after great family!