Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mum

Mum's Last Christmas 2006

My mum was the greatest hostess, she would welcome friends, family and strangers alike with open arms. All who entered her home would not be permitted to leave until they were filled with the most scrumptious repast, tales of life, laughter a-plenty and promises to return again soon. She could whip up a banquet from her humble pantry at any time of day or night for one person or for a crowd and all with seemingly no effort.

Mum played golf, as did most of her family and she had a store of humerous anecdotes to recount at any given opportunity. Like the time she and her sister were driving to Napier to play golf at Waiohiki when they either broke down or were pulled up for speeding (my memory of her stories is letting me down here). However by using their charm and alarm on the traffic officers who attended them, (actually I think they had broken down) the officers pulled out a tow rope and attached it to their car and towed them full speed to the golf course where Aunty Lil was competing in a very important match. The traffic officers even assisted by getting their golf clubs out of the car, assembling their trundlers (golf club carrying devices) and one of them ran with Aunty Lil's all the way out to the first tee to help her get underway on time!

Mum and her sisters had so many adventures and I used to love listening to her stories at any family gathering.

In her later life, I looked after mum, caring for her through illness and infirmity until she finally passed away. I was holding her hand when she died. I knew it was coming. The Spirit had awoken me in the early hours of that morning and said very clearly that this would be her last day. I was sad for me but I was glad for mum. All her suffering was finally over.

I was blessed to take her name through the Temple, to have her sealed to her parents, to my dad and to have myself sealed to them. Now I look forward to the day when when we meet again as an eternal family on the right hand of God.


Mama Nut said...

Came over to visit from MMB and this post really touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes! A few weeks ago my mom finally got sealed to both of her parents after many years getting there.


Gran Denny said...

Thankyou for your kind words