Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another Month Flew By

As one gets older the days rush by faster, I still remember waiting to become a teenager, it was so embarrasing being 5foot 7inches tall at age 12. No matter how much I stooped all the kids around me still never reached even to my shoulders. And getting to 21, well that took an absolute age - I was old before I got there it took so long!

Then suddenly the years started to speed up, at 22 I was a mum, at 24 I was married. By 30 I had 3 children, by 40 I was raising them on my own, by 50 I was the most slender and fit that I'd ever been in my life - some things are just too good to last though, for the past three years I've been plagued with health problems and loosing the battle of the bulge.

But along all those fleeting years I've racked up some jolly fine experiences, experienced triumphs and tragedy and best of all I discovered who I am, why I'm here and where I'm going.

I've learnt what mothers love feels like. It's overpowering and all encompassing but yet, it's nothing compared to the absolute wonderment of grandmothers love and even that is miniscule compared to the love that our Creator has for us.

And all the while the days rush on by......

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kiwibabee said...

I am always wondering where the time went, someone once told me that when your kids start school that time really flies by, and I can see that is does.