Sunday, May 23, 2010

Angels and Demons

has been to stay, some parts of his visit were just plain angelic and some parts were tense to say the least. He's walking now, or should I say lurching, staggering, stumbling, teetering and falling down A LOT.
I was pretty happy to see him, even when he slept in until 6ish on Saturday morning!

We went shopping at Bayfair. He's shaping up to be a petrol head just like his uncle....

Look at the absolute delight in these shots!

We let him have a good 10 mins drive time before we inserted the $2 coin and he got a taste of the real action

But it was all over far TOO SOON, this was a full 5 mins later after he'd stopped throwing himself rigid and screaming very loudly. We're down to gentle sobs here.

Then we went shopping at Farmers, now that was an EXPERIENCE

First it was hide and seek in among the jeans

Then it was time to startle some poor lady in the changing rooms

Just checking to see if any other unsuspecting shoppers need to have their privacy invaded

Oops both Mummy and Gran were after him by this time

So we went for icecream, then we had to go home, cos the mess was just too sticky and it was everywhere, even in my handbag

But dear hubby and I did survive and we can still manage a smile. (Although I cried when my angelic demon went home, as I always do).
And somewhere in between all this he took all the pots out of the kitchen cupboard at least 20 times, emptied the bottom cutlery draw a lot, broke the inside shoe shelf, threw DVDs around the lounge like they were frisbies, posted my mothers day Michael Jackson DVD in the sink while Judah was washing the dishes, threw his plate of dinner upside down onto the floor, walked up to the DVD and switched it off right at the climactic part of the movie, gave the best cuddles, danced so cutely to any and every piece of music, made his cute animal noise (all animals make the same noise at the moment), came to Stake Conference with us this morning where he played angellicly through opening exercises then right on cue went to sleep when the speakers started and we had to wake him up when it was all over.
I would just like to share that GRANDCHILREN are the most wonderful blessing of senior years that one could ever hope to enjoy.

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